"In order to not destroy the future,
the present wisely bases its actions on the past." Tizian

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Ideas X Skills conveys up-to-date knowledge and basic competences, supports the analysis of individual and group resources as well as the conception of change-oriented steps. Ideas X Skills acts as a catalyst and accompanies transformation processes on all organizational levels

management consulting services | professional development and individual coaching

Management consulting services

Ideas X Skills supports organizations striving towards sustainability in every respect. We advance their employees’ diversity and inclusion as strategic goals for both their innovation and knowledge management and their human resource development. Emphasis is always on improving the organization’s international performance as well as their sustainability and resilience in the context of strongest competitiveness. We also work with companies intending to introduce diversity management into their organizational culture in order to utilize so far unrecognized opportunities for generating new ideas and innovation.

Our services include

A sustainable, future-oriented organization relies on a productive balance between homo- and heterogeneity in and between teams and work groups. Such a balance is backed up by learnable social competences, knowledge and an awareness of these requirements on all organizational levels.

Improvement can start from diversity already existing within the organization. What is needed, however, is an appropriate framework for diversity to unfold and become visible and to not inhibit processes. Management must be able to realize potential lines of conflict. Moreover, they must have the capability not only of mainstreaming, but also of productively utilizing the crossfire of diversity for generating ideas and solving problems.

Appreciating diversity and utilizing it in innovative ways calls for fundamental changes of our organizational cultures. This requires strategic conviction and adequate attitudes on the executive level and an active role on the part of human resource management in the implementation of this orientation.

Key aspects of activity will be determined in coordination with the organization’s goals and tasks.

Professional development and individual coaching

We focus on advancing social and individual management competences. Formats include training courses, open seminars, in-house-seminars and consultations (including an online consulting service) for specialists, executive staff and graduates.

Individual consulting services

Individual gains of professional career advice: increased self-confidence; improved job performance; competent accomplishment of foreign assignments; increased interest in education, less abandonment of educational endeavors; better motivation for search for employment with less temporal investment into this search.

Organizational gains of professional career advice: more productivity; cost reductions with regard to personnel recruitment, outsourcing, abandoned foreign assignments; employee turnover related to foreign assignments; increased flexibility; improved preconditions for the introduction of new processes and international cooperation (Studies by OECD, EU, World Bank, World Economic Forum).