"The morning’s utopias often turn out to be the afternoon’s realities."
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Vision & Mission


Innovation through diversity, education, and social competence

To utilize the chances provided by diversity, respond to risks through education, meet the challenges of globalization by innovation and social competence.

Mission - Ideas in Action:

Perceive, acknowledge, bridge and use differences constructively

Individuals, teams and organizations need to be supported in the unfolding of existing diversity through a culture that recognizes, respects and appreciates each single individual and thus is able to harvest excellence and sustainability.

The positive dynamics between goals, structures, culture and the individual are essential for any type of organization (including whole societies).


is always based on the same factors and constellations. Interestingly, those are also the decisive factors of personal career management in the individual’s attempt to come to grips with the diversity of organizational cultures.

These factors are

In many cases, the past years have brought about improvement of organizational structures and mission statements. Now the challenge is to avoid a congealment of these structures and models into lifeless tools for mainstreaming and objectifying. Therefore, the organizational culture and the single individual’s social competence have to be developed in correspondence to each other. This is where Ideas & Skills comes into play.