"Awareness Creates Change."
Larry Lipman

"A change in perspective does not alter facts - but their meaning. And quickly." Peter Drucker

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Leading Sustainably | Innovation and Diversity Management | Intercultural Communication | Career Management | Coaching & Networking Multipliers

Leading Sustainably

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We can challenge “economic-man” attitudes and make our organizations more meaningful with a new enlightenment movement towards planetary citizenship. This can provide an alternative to the post-truth society we are currently living in. The world would become a more sustainable, even more pleasurable place.

Why would we care?
How can we do it? Program starts in 2018 in Beromünster/Zürich!
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Innovation and Corporate Culture

Interestingly, the ideal premises for innovation are identical to those leading to successful change management, efficient knowledge management and the acknowledgement and incorporation of a staff’s diversity. The reasons behind this phenomenon and its systematic use form the subject matter for this seminar series.

Innovation and Corporate Culture: Developing Innovation Potential through Diversity
Women and Leadership
Managing Conflict
Responsible Leadership
Leadership and Change

Intercultural Communication:
The Most Refined Fine Art of Professional Communication

Internationalization in brought about by individuals, even though their task is not always an easy one: more than 60% of the – costly – expatriate assignments are aborted and more than 70% of the international mergers and acquisitions end in disaster because the contact with other cultures leads to deeply negative experiences. In their attempts of international cooperation, many organizations make (partly more than) irritating experiences. The seminars show why this is so and how cross-cultural interactions can become manageable and gainful.

Communication for a Global World, Seminar for Executives
Career Management, Open Seminars

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Coaching & Networking Multipliers

My knowledge derives from different disciplines and numerous professional and life experiences. I would like to pass on these decades of diversity experience and those theories and methods that have been truly helpful for me as a female leader.
In the coaching usually women can find quick relief and substantial support by a change of perspective. As Peter Drucker said: "A change in perspective does not alter facts - but their meaning. And quickly".
In the networking event especially understanding group-dynamics and being able to see the whole plus the detail will be shown to make a decisive difference. In addition, strategic networking will be fostered systematically and with modern participatory leadership methods (Art-of-Hosting).

Power and Networking for Female Leaders, Mentors and Executives, Open Seminars & Internal Offer for Organizations